PA and Lighting Requirements for the Ultimate Gary Moore Tribute Band

Technical Requirements for the 'ULTIMATE GARY MOORE' band

These are the MINIMUM requirements for the band to perform.

(When requested)

A 3 or 4 way PA system with subs and front fills suitable for the size of the venue,
which will comfortably produce an undistorted 110db of sound.
Preferred systems are L’Acoustics, Martin, D&B, Mayer, JBL, Turbosound, Adamson etc.

A quality 4 way monitor mix with 15”+2” or 12”+2” bi-amped monitors and a 3-way drum fill.
A separate side-stage monitor desk is preferred (stage left).

No special effects are required, only a good quality reverb/echo for vocals,
plus gates/comps/effects etc for the drums.


There are no special lighting requests – just a good light show,

preferably with backlighting and front off-stage lighting 

NO strobe lighting to be used on stage during a performance!

Please note:

The band DO NOT bring sound or lighting engineers with them.
Competent and experienced sound and lighting engineers must always be provided

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